Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ed Martin Enters Missouri Attorney General Race

Ed Martin Posted the Following on Facebook moments ago:

Today, I am asking for your support as Missouri's next Attorney General. I want to restore the Attorney General's office to one that respects the rule of law and represents a check on state government, not a checkmark for liberal politics and policies like ObamaCare. Our current Attorney General Chris Koster has acted as President Obama's lawyer, not the people's Attorney General.

Over the past three years, I’ve watched President Obama and the federal government impose their will on we the people of Missouri beginning with ObamaCare. We Missourians voted to stop ObamaCare, yet Attorney General Koster recently stated publicly that, ‘the act of the Legislature to create the exchange is not compelling a person, employer or healthcare provider to participate in a health exchange’ (Kansas City Business Journal). However, once the exchanges are set up, the government can penalize those who choose not to purchase health care. In addition, Koster has failed to lead on issues affecting both our state and nation like job creation, illegal immigration, and voter fraud.

Our Missouri Constitution describes the rights that we naturally possess and that out state government and our state officials MUST protect. This includes private property, economic liberty and individualism. As our state officials have stopped protecting our rights - and in fact joining the federal government in limiting them - our state has faltered. As Attorney General, I will relentlessly fight to protect our rights and will face off against anyone - public or private - until they yield.

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Ike Skelton said...

I am very pleased to see this announcement. Although I know you would do well in D.C., it would be a shame to have your strong passionate voice for Missouri poisoned by that brood of vipers.

Missouri needs a strong State's right's advocate seated in the top law enforcement chair in the State. I thoroughly believe you to be that advocate.

I urge grass root Patriots to listen to your message and support your efforts NOW.