Friday, November 25, 2011

Simplify the Tax Code Begs Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer

Missouri District 9 Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer's Office 11/25/11

Throughout my time in Congress, I have worked aggressively to provide more certainty to American taxpayers by supporting tax policies that foster economic growth. Our tax code is too complicated, too cumbersome, and stands in the way of job growth. To address the long-term economic issues facing our nation, I believe our tax code should be flatter, fairer and simpler.

It would be irresponsible to raise taxes on hard-working Americans, especially during a time of great economic uncertainty and high levels of unemployment. Under a lower tax burden, Americans would have a greater incentive to invest, thereby creating jobs and bringing down the jobless rate. Lowering the tax burden would also give low-income earners the opportunity to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets, while reducing the compliance and enforcement costs of the current complicated tax system.

As part of my commitment to helping taxpayers and reform our tax code, I supported the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act, legislation that was signed into law which removed the onerous 1099 reporting requirement for small businesses. The 1099 requirement had been mandated under the health-care law. The bill protects our nation’s job creators, their workers and American taxpayers by reducing the deficit by $166 million in the first 10 years and reducing federal spending by $20 billion over 10 years.

On a strong bipartisan vote, we also repealed the job-killing withholding tax that would have required 3 percent of all payments by federal, state, and local government agencies for goods and services to be withheld for income tax purposes. If we had done nothing, it would have taken away $75 billion from small businesses and the economy over the next five years to comply with this regulation.

I also have worked aggressively to simplify the tax code, because the current code is broken and inefficient. Furthermore the current tax code discourages savings, investment and hinders growth.  That’s why I am a proud co-sponsor of the Tax Code Termination Act, which would end the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 so we can replace it with something better.

Most people agree that death should not be a taxable event, since all of the money subject to the death tax has already been taxed at least once.  That’s why I support the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2011, which would repeal the federal estate and generation-skipping transfer tax.  The death tax hits family farms and small businesses particularly hard, and often times families are forced to sell their land or enterprises in order to pay the death tax.

I am also a supporter of the Capital Gains Inflation Relief Act of 2011, legislation that would index for inflation the cost basis used in calculating the capital gains tax.
The American people know that if you tax job creators more, you get less job creation.  Similarly, if you tax investment more, you get less investment. With these commonsense ideas in mind, I will continue to work for you when it comes to tax policy in our country. It is imperative that we provide greater certainty to all American taxpayers by supporting policies that make our tax code simplier and fairer.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bryan Wade's Resume - Attorney For Big Cedar Lodge & Blue-Green

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Bryan Wade is well known in the Branson area for his battles against political bodies that regulate real estate law.

Wade was recently hired by Big Cedar Lodge and Blue-Green to fight a racing complex near resort property.

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