Monday, January 3, 2011

Christians United For Isreal (Brief Review of Materials left in Branson)

Several thousand met in Branson earlier this year gathering for intercessory prayer for Isreal. The event was as much political as it was religious.

Over the last hour I've been studying material passed out at the meeting. One of the groups which helped sponsor the event was Christians United for Isreal (CUFI) They identify themselves as Christian Zionists and seem to endorse preemptive strikes on Iran.

Pastor Kenneth Hagee, a board member CUFI lumps the enemies of Isreal,"..the unsavory characters of Hamas, Hezollah, Iran and the United Nations." 

United States President Barack Obama is criticized and characterized as being more sympathetic to Palestinians than Isreal. In an article about the Arab lobbyists in Washington DC, Mitchell Bard states, "most Christian organizations have been hostile toward Isreal and more sympathetic to the Arabs." One citation in the article notes hte National Council of Churches condemed Isreal's expansion proceeding the Six-Day War.

To read more visit Christians United For Isreal

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