Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Case Against McCaskill - Brief of Ed Martins Article for the Missouri Record

Ed Martin outlines why Senator McCaskill is a target ripe for a Republican in a an article for the Missouri Record titled "The Case Against McCaskill"

Martin Opens with McCaskill's early and strong support of President Barack Obama in contrast to Missouri favoring McCain in the general election. Note: Missouri supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries.

Here's a brief of Martin's other bulletpoints:
  • Obamacare Supporter– . In response, more than 71% of Missourians voted in favor of Proposition C, the Health Care Freedom Act, and soundly rejected Obamacare. Continued Republican efforts to repeal the law—and the Democratic defense of it—means that the 2012 election likely will be about Obamacare also.
  • No Job Creation – Over the past few years, Missourians have watched as Anheuser-Busch was bought and jobs were slashed and the Chrysler-Fenton was shuttered after a bailout. Too many other jobs have been lost, too.
  • TARP, Bailouts, and Stimuli – Senator McCaskill has voted for nearly every spending bill she has encountered.
  • Earmark Hypocrisy
  • Bailout Support - Americans know that lawsuit abuse is a problem in health care, yet it was not addressed in the health care reform debate because of the alliance between the Democrats and their trial attorney friends. These issues will haunt McCaskill and others.
  • You see, McCaskill is the 11th richest Senator with net worth of as much as $30 million. No one can fault her for financial success—except that most of it has been gained (mostly by her husband, it should be noted) through tax credits and payments from the government. It's tough to say no to government spending when the money is ending up in your pocket.
  • Off Color Comments – Last year, one of McCaskill’s staffers was caught on tape referring to opponents of her or Obamacare as “brownshirts,” in reference to a Nazi paramilitary outfit.

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