Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Missouri 2010 Primary Election Results Now Official

Jefferson City -- Republican Rep. Roy Blunt and Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan are now officially nominees for the U.S. Senate.
Carnahan, in her role as secretary of state, certified the results of the Aug. 3 primaries on Tuesday, making the vote totals official.
Carnahan and Blunt, a congressman from southwest Missouri, both easily won their senatorial primaries in their quests to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Kit Bond in the Nov. 2 general elections.
But in three Democratic Missouri House races, the margins were so close that the losers could seek re-counts.
The closest contest was in Kansas City, where John Joseph Rizzo beat Will Royster by three votes -- 667 to 664 -- in the 40th District.
Victors also had slim margins in the 5th District in northwest Missouri -- where Judy Wright beat Mike Waltemath, 1,431 to 1,418 -- and in the 77th District in the St. Louis area, where Eileen Grant McGeoghegan beat Doug Clemens, 747 to 736, in a three-person contest.
Under Missouri law, candidates who lose by less than 1 percentage point can request a recount within one week after the results are certified.
State elections officials then have 20 days from that request to count the votes again and certify the results.
The biggest vote-getter in Missouri's primary elections was Proposition C.
The measure was intended to defy a key part of the new federal health care law, though it's legal effect is questionable because federal laws generally supersede those in states.
Proposition C passed 669,847 to 272,723, getting 71 percent of the votes.

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