Saturday, May 15, 2010

Branson Tea Party Fundraising Event -"The Constitution in the Tradition of the Founding Fathers"

Press Release by The Branson Tea Party Coalition

BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson Tea Party Coalition, National Center for Constitutional Studies and
The Mid -America Constitution Coalition are pleased to bring this two-day conference of education and informational studies of the “Making of America” to The Hughes Brothers Theatre.

Tera Sukman, co-founder of the Branson Tea Party Coalition said: “Time is of the essence for all our
public leaders to learn how these great men, who came together from many different backgrounds, sat down and came up with the Constitution and learned to work together for the common good of man. The gathering of those great men led to building our great nation.” She goes on to quote Thomas Jefferson “ A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned- this is the sum of good government.” Dr. Earl Taylor, President of the National Center of Constitutional Studies, who recently appeared on the “Founding Founders” segment of the Glenn Beck Show, will teach Saturday’s conference.

Attendees will receive a workbook, “The Making of America”, the book “The 5,000-year Leap” and lunch on Saturday July 17, 2010. This event is open to the public. This teaching tool should be required for all public officials. It has been made affordable (Two day conference for $25.00 per person) through the donations of The Branson Tea Party Coalition, National Center for Constitutional Studies, and The Mid-America Constitution Coalition.

This event will sell out fast. General admission seating is limited; tickets are available through the Hughes Brothers Box office (417) 334-0076. It is on a first come, first serve basis. More Constitutional experts arebeing added for Sunday’s event.

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