Monday, April 5, 2010

Converstations with the Federal Election Commission on Allegations Against Billy Long

The FEC first claimed they didn't have any filings against candidate Billy Long and an hour later called back to assert they have 1 filing and it isn't in the system yet.

Raw conversation, update to follow.

I've asserted that I believe the allegations against Billy Long are false and promoted by an ongoing slander campaign. It's up to the FEC to decide whether to kick the allegations back or move them to the next level of exploration.

*4/9/10 FEC has still not excepted any filings on the issue. Next week it is anticipated that the FEC will determine whether or not the filing falls into FEC jurisdiction. 


Anonymous said...

What's a matter Darin? Had to retract your comments about the news media? It appears that you have a problem with facts.

Darin Codon said...

Hi Clay,

You mean my facebook status? A bit Ridiculous don't you think?