Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missouri Politics and Obama Politics Featured in LAT

The Los Angeles Times scoops Missouri Democrats distance from Obama...

"And for Truman's sake, don't even mention the name of your party's likely U.S. Senate candidate, Robin Carnahan, to face the GOP's Rep. Roy Blunt for the retiring Republican Kit Bond's Missouri seat.
Why not mention her? Well, the Missouri secretary of State just happened to be out of town on the very day that her own party's president shows up. Wouldn't you know? Unavoidable schedule conflict, everybody says. (Truth is, she had her own fund-rai$er at Sen. Mary Landrieu's house back in that evil Washington place.)
Also, Carnahan's absence may be associated with the fact that nearly six out of 10 Missourians currently disapprove of Obama's job as president. And a photo of Obama raising her arm in the air could come back to haunt come Halloween.
Additional absentees were Democratic Reps. Russ Carnahan (Robin's brother) and Ike Skelton, one of 39 Democrats to vote "Nay" on the first Obama healthcare bill."

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