Monday, February 15, 2010

Missouri Prison Sentences Increase Crime (Missourinet Interview with Judge Michael Wolff)

Listen to the Full Interview with Judge Michael Wolff  by Bob Priddy of MissouriNet.
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Fascinating interview with Supreme Court Judge Michael Wolff. An opt-ed piRece published on Missouri Netizen by Missouri Senator Matt Bartle only tells part of the story. While Missouri's top judge recommended less crimes should be sentenced with jail a recent study confirms prison terms actually accelerate crime.
The reports from Missouri's Annual Judiciary reports have revealed a fatal flaw in our justice system. The politics behind sentencing is also discussed in this interview published by MissouriNet

"A study of the way people are sentenced to prison in Missouri suggests more people would be better off if they did NOT go to prison.
The Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission evaluates people on several criteria after they’ve pleaded guilty or after they’ve been convicted. The commission determines the risk factors that each person will re-offend when they’re released from custody. Every two years it assesses how sentencing works. More than three-fourths of the times the commission recommends probation, a judge agrees. If the commission recommends probation and the judge sends someone to prison, the recidivism rate is measurably higher.
Commission chairman Michael Wolff, a Supreme Court judge, says 120 days of shock time in prison might not be the best."
The term of the sentence determines what geo-political entity has to pay to imprison a citizen.

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Anonymous said...

In Missouri that is all they want to do--send everyone to prison! Especially when the offender is young and put in prison with older offenders, all he learns is how to be a better felon! The prison system just makes the prisoner worse--not better. And we the citizens are paying to support them. If they are non-violent, let them out to support themselves and pay taxes too.