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Kansas City 2008 Legislative Agenda


Establishing State legislative priorities and positions of support for matters before the 2010 Session of the General Assembly.  

WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene at noon on January 6, 2010; and 

WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process by which it has identified major priorities on matters before the General Assembly and has identified additional priorities and matters for support or opposition; NOW, THEREFORE,   


Section 1. Major Priorities. That the following legislative priorities, listed in alphabetical order, are established for the 2010 Session of the Missouri General Assembly:  

  • Economic Development - Child Care. Maintain current state general revenue funding for child care assistance eligibility while using available federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding to improve the affordability and quality of child care programs and assure that income guidelines for child care assistance keep pace with changes in the federal poverty level.
  • Economic Development New Incentives. Support new economic incentives to allow Western Missouri to compete on a level playing field with bordering states for new development and business.
  • Economic Development Port Authority Act. Support modifying the Port Authority Act to allow establishment of Port Authority Environmental Districts so Port Authorities can generate their own revenues to fund environmental and conservation projects.


  • Economic Development Preserve Chapter 99. Oppose any efforts that restrict the tools in Chapter 99 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.
  • Economic Development State Economic Development Programs. Support continuing tax credit programs (such as Historic Preservation Tax Credits), special economic districts such as Community Improvement Districts and other appropriate sales tax relief and business development financing mechanisms as economic development tools.  
  • Economic Development / Tourism State Assistance for a Convention Hotel. Support currently available programs or incentives that could provide necessary state assistance for construction of a convention hotel with approximately 1,000 rooms.
  • Economic Development Vine Street District. Support creating a mechanism, such as a sales tax exemption, to allow the Vine Street District and similar districts throughout the State to thrive.
  • Governance Local Control. Oppose any efforts to erode local control of Kansas City issues.
  • Taxation Earnings Tax and Shared Data. Support maintaining the current system of earnings tax collection in Kansas City and create more opportunities for the State and City to share tax information.
  • Transportation Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. Support budgeting a minimum of $5 million for the operations of the Kansas City ATA.

Section 2. Capital Improvement Projects. That the City will continue to seek State funding for major public capital improvement projects and other important City projects and programs. This includes advocating for funding for those projects which were in the top quartile of the report issued by the Joint Committee on Capital Improvements and Leases Oversight.

Section 3. Additional Priorities and Positions. That the City adopts the following additional important priorities and positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its 2010 Session: 

1. Economic Development 

Eminent Domain. Oppose any efforts that restrict the Citys use of eminent domain which would impede the Citys ability to provide core services to its citizens or limit the ability of the City to protect and build revenue through economic development or redevelopment. 

Missouri Coalition for Data Centers. Support the proposal of the Coalition to encourage development of data centers in Missouri.

Job Training and Retraining. Support providing sufficient funding for job retraining and new job training programs to allow expansion of such programs including expansion of the Quality Jobs program by lowering the threshold for eligible job retention projects. 

Life Sciences. Oppose all legislation that would restrict the development of the life sciences in Missouri, including proposals to limit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer research, aimed at developing more effective therapies and cures for disease and disability.

Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act. Support passage of MOSIRA.

2. Education

School Foundation Formula. Support fully funding the States foundation formula for distributing state aid to public education and revising the formula to provide adequate and equitable funding for Kansas City-area schools and state mandated programs.

A+ Schools Program. Support continuation and expansion of the program.

School Bonds. Support submission to State voters of a Constitutional Amendment to enable local voters to authorize the sale of bonds for their local school district up to 20% of that districts assessed valuation.

3. Funding for Kansas City Projects 

Continuation of State Funding. Support continued and increased ongoing funding for programs traditionally and appropriately supported by the State including all current local State TIF and MODESA line items, Bartle Hall convention facilities, the Jackson County Sports Complex, higher education, health services, mental health services, the life sciences and the Missouri Arts Council. 

4. Health Care/Public Health

Level funding of Public Health programs. Support level funding of core public health programs that would prevent Missouri from falling further behind neighboring states.

Childrens Health Insurance Program. Support the policy of Express Lane Eligibility so that children who are eligible for the CHIP program can more easily be enrolled in the program.

5. Neighborhood / Environmental Issues 

Land Bank. Support establishing a mechanism to create land banks to foster redevelopment of vacant, blighted and foreclosed property.

Short Term Loan Industry. Support effective regulation of Missouris short-term loan industry to protect citizens and local communities from unscrupulous lending practices and artificially high interest rates, including the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Used Tires. Support a fee for not leaving used tires with tire sellers to discourage consumers from illegally dumping old tires.

6. Public Safety

Debt Set Off. Support the ambulance service industrys efforts to obtain the same authority given a state agency in Section 143.783, of the Missouri Revised Statutes, to request a set-off of a tax refund against a debt owed an ambulance service by the taxpayer-debtor.


9-1-1 Funding. Support a state surcharge on wireless communication services to adequately fund 9-1-1 services, as is the case in the other 49 states.

Public Safety Sales Tax. Support exempting tax revenues from the Public Safety Sales Tax from allocation under TIF.

Public Access AED Usage. Support legislation to facilitate the publics use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) by providing protection from liability for members of the public who utilize AEDs to render emergency care.

7. Transportation/Public Transit 

Metro Green Regional Funding. Support authorizing the public to vote on the creation of a metropolitan park district which could fund a regional system of greenways and trails.

Katy Trail. Support connecting the Katy Trail to the Kansas City trails system.

Complete Streets. Support for requiring the Department of Transportation to provide full consideration for bicyclists, pedestrians, disabled persons, and transit users in its plans, programs, and projects.

Primary Seat Belt Law. Support a primary seat belt law. 

Public Transit Operators. Support classifying an assault upon a public transit vehicle operator as a felony.

Transportation Development Districts. Support modifying the Missouri Transportation Development District Act to exempt sales taxes imposed thereunder from allocation under TIF.

8. Water 

Collection of Bills. Oppose any efforts to impede the Citys ability to collect amounts owed for water and sewer services.  

Continued Funding. Support continued revolving loan programs; grants; and funding for improving and replacing combined sewers, sanitary sewers and storm sewers to achieve a cleaner, safer environment. 

9. Miscellaneous 

Advance Voting. Support authorizing advance voting in Missouri and facilitating ease of voting. 

Sovereign Immunity. Support amending Chapter 537, of the Missouri Revised Statutes, to limit the Citys liability under the Sovereign Immunity exemptions to prevent holding the City liable for tortious actions and inactions of the Kansas City Police Department.

Towing. Oppose any efforts to restrict the ability of cities to regulate towing activities.


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