Thursday, September 3, 2009

Carnahan Announces State Fair Mock Election Results Show That Missouri Favors the Mule

Jefferson City, MO - Secretary of State Robin Carnahan announced today that Missourians chose the Mule as their favorite state symbol in the Biennial Mock Election sponsored by the Secretary of State's Office at the 2009 Missouri State Fair.

More than 700 fairgoers were able to become more familiar with one of the most commonly used voting machines while choosing from the 26 Missouri state symbols.

"We were encouraged by the number of people that brought their family and friends to our booth just to vote," Carnahan said. "It was great to see children and adults learning about the election machines we use in Missouri."

Fairgoers selected the mule, with 20% of the vote followed by the Flowering Dogwood, Missouri's state tree with 13% of the vote and the Bluebird, Missouri's state bird, with 11% of the vote. Traditionally, the state fair mock elections serve as a way to keep Missourians involved in the voting process during a down time in the election cycle.

The official election results out of 736 votes cast were: Great Seal 68, Square Dance 14, Mule 149, State Flag 32, Crinoid 8, Galena 3, Mozarkite 8, Flowering Dogwood 99, Paddlefish 22, Missouri Waltz 29, Fox Trotting Horse 59, Hypsibema Missouriensis "Duck Billed Dinosaur" 14, Bluebird 82, White Hawthorn 7, Honeybee 9, Fiddle 11, Black Walnut 5, Channel Catfish 22, Norton/Cynthian Grape 2, North American Bullfrog 5, Ice Cream Cone 47, Crayfish 6, Big Bluestem Grass 4, Three-toed Box Turtle 12, City of Adrian-Purple Martin Capitol 0, Bobwhite Quail 19.

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