Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Statement from Lt. Governor Kinder on the Resignation of Senator Jeff Smith

SPRINGFIELD – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder released the following statement today on
the announced resignation of state Sen. Jeff Smith:
"I am saddened to learn of guilty plea entered by my friend Sen. Jeff Smith.
"Over that past few years, we have worked together on a number of educational
initiatives and other legislation to benefit the urban core in St. Louis.
"In keeping with the teaching contained in the 25th chapter of the Book of Mathew, I will
stand by my friend during this dark time for him and his family. While I do not condone
the actions that resulted in today's plea, his bipartisan record prior to the incident speaks
for itself. Sen. Smith worked hard to create a better future for his neighbors in St. Louis,
and I hope his legislative career is remembered in that manner."

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