Monday, October 20, 2008

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Monday, October 20
Hotline On Call
Hotline Blogometer
KMOX: John McCain courts St. Charles today
P-D: McCain, Cheney and Bill Clinton are here today
PubDef: McCain, Cheney and Clinton in town
KC Star: John McCain to speak in Belton today
Columbia Missourian: McCain stop in Columbia still unconfirmed
St. Joseph News-Press: Jill Biden rallies Dem volunteers in St. Joseph
KC Star: Jill Biden underlines push to paint Missouri blue
SE Missourian: Economy, war will turn voters to Obama, Biden's wife says
P-D Political Fix: Singer Carole King, former Congressman Tim Roemer to campaign in Mo. for Obama
Walsh: The courting continues as Missouri welcomes politicians galore ... and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer
KY3 Political Notebook: List of today's campaign events
KOMU: Candidates stress Missouri's importance
KRCG: Politicians battle for Show-Me State
P-D Political Fix: McCaskill, Roy Blunt go toe-to-toe on CNN
KY3 Political Notebook: McCaskill and Roy Blunt face off on CNN
SNL Politics Blog: Blunt, McCaskill debate patriotism on CNN
SNL Politics Blog: Roy Blunt: Obama ducking his 'spread the wealth' comments
KOLR10: McCaskill responds to McCain's robo-calls
KY3 Political Notebook: Matt Blunt on Face the Nation
KSPR: Matt Blunt downplays Obama in Mo.
UPI: Governor calls Palin 'perfect' candidate
Missourinet: More concerns expressed over voter fraud amid allegations and investigations
P-D Political Fix: Open thread
KY3 Political Notebook: Catanese, Livengood discuss Hulshof-Nixon race
The Turner Report: Nixon money machine keeps rolling; Dem Governors contribute quarter of a million MRP contributes $123K in-kind to Hulshof for unnamed expenses
KOMU: Economy top issue in Missouri governor's race
SNL: Candidates for governor to debate
Lebanon Daily Record: Hulshof, Charlie Kruse to make stop
KC Star: On lighter matters, Missouri gubernatorial candidates find some common ground
Truman Index: MOHELA funding not guaranteed
Missourinet: Profile of Robin Carnahan
Joplin Globe: Overview of downballot races
CDT: School groups cool to Prop A
CDT Class Notes Blog: Prop A: A gaming issue
Times Newspapers: Eliminating casino loss limit could spell gains for public schools
FiredUp Missouri: Roy Temple's father passes
CDT: Baker vs. Luetkemeyer
Richmond Daily News: Local campaigns taking notes from national races: Bob Nance vs. Barbara Lanning
St. Joseph News-Press: New issues heat up Schaaf, Sheehan race
Webster-Kirkwood Times: Deb Lavender challenging Rick Stream for Kirkwood/Des Peres House seat
St. Joseph News-Press: Wyse, Lair battle for 7th District seat
Columbia Missourian: State unemployment trust funds drying up
Missourinet: Rebuilding the interstates
Columbia Missourian: Boone County public defenders refuse cases
Columbia Missourian: Timeline of events for the Missouri public defender system
AP: Collapse of Taum Sauk reservoir leads to new look
Columbia Missourian: AmerenUE applies to raise rates to cover filing fee for local plant
Missourinet: Missourians warned to prepare for high heating bills
SE Missourian: Missouri motorists urged to use caution on roadways during deer season
KRCG: Governor's mansion scary Halloween transformation
P-D endorsements: Sam Page, Chris Koster, Robin Carnahan, Clint Zweifel
St. Joseph News-Press endorsements: Peter Kinder, Mike Gibbons, Robin Carnahan, Brad Lager
KC Star endorsement: No on Amendment 1, Yes on Amendment 4
Washington Missourian endorsement: No on Proposition B
SNL endorsement: Shane Schoeller for state representative
SNL endorsement: Charlie Norr for state representative
Washington Missourian editorial: Gov. Blunt, other attend Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame
KC Star letters: Prop C, Prop A, Barnes vs. Graves

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