Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Missouri Court of Appeals Judge's Yard Campaign Signs

Canon 5 states Missouri Judges Shall Not Participate in Politics :

But hey, what's the rule of law when you're on the board of appeals with a wife who wears the robe when it comes to home life?

Riverfront Times

Court of Appeals (Eastern District) Judge Kenneth Romines has four signs on the front lawn of his Webster Groves home. The beneficiaries (all of them Republicans): John McCain, Kenny Hulshof, Eric Schmitt and Randy Jotte.

Romines tells Unreal he wishes it weren't so. Here's the poop, er, scoop:

Unreal: Why is your front yard endorsing political candidates?
The Honorable Kenneth Romines: You'll have to ask my mother -- I mean, my wife and daughter. I have put nothing up. And I put nothing on my car. But my wife is a strong-willed person. I sometimes do not agree with what she puts out there, but she operates under her own rules....

Full Story: Judicial Politics and Poop

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