Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missouri House of Representatives Map (Photo)

Missouri House of Representatives Map - Click to Enlarge
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Missouri Voters - How to File For An Absentee Ballot

Step 1. Go to the Missouri Secretary of State Website. Here is the link:

Step 2. You must request an absentee ballot. To do that, print off the absentee ballot application at the link above.

Step 3. Fill out the application and have it in the mail before or on the day of Monday Oct. 27. The application has to be received by your county election authority by 5 pm on Oct. 29. To be safe, have the application in the mail by Monday Oct. 27. The address of your county election authority can be found here:

Step 4. When you get your absentee ballot, do NOT vote before you take your absentee ballot to a public notary. A public notary must watch you vote. A public notary can be found at your bank, county or city courthouse or local election authority. A bank will probably be your best bet because they are the easiest to find and you probably already know where one is located.

Step 5. After you have voted in front of the public notary, take your ballot and put it in the mail to your county election authority. The the mailing address for your county election authority can be found here: Your notarized ballot has to be received by 5 p.m. on election day (Nov. 4), so to be safe have it in the mail the Saturday (Nov. 1) before election day.

Misc. Don't forget to put proper postage your absentee ballot application!

Missouri Court of Appeals Judge's Yard Campaign Signs

Canon 5 states Missouri Judges Shall Not Participate in Politics :

But hey, what's the rule of law when you're on the board of appeals with a wife who wears the robe when it comes to home life?

Riverfront Times

Court of Appeals (Eastern District) Judge Kenneth Romines has four signs on the front lawn of his Webster Groves home. The beneficiaries (all of them Republicans): John McCain, Kenny Hulshof, Eric Schmitt and Randy Jotte.

Romines tells Unreal he wishes it weren't so. Here's the poop, er, scoop:

Unreal: Why is your front yard endorsing political candidates?
The Honorable Kenneth Romines: You'll have to ask my mother -- I mean, my wife and daughter. I have put nothing up. And I put nothing on my car. But my wife is a strong-willed person. I sometimes do not agree with what she puts out there, but she operates under her own rules....

Full Story: Judicial Politics and Poop

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jay Nixon Vs. Kenny Hulshof - Polling Data

PollDateSampleNixon (D)Hulshof (R)Spread
RCP Average09/22 - 10/14--54.738.0Nixon +16.7
Rasmussen10/14 - 10/14700 LV5738Nixon +19
SurveyUSA10/11 - 10/12546 LV5634Nixon +22
PPP (D)10/11 - 10/121009 LV5239Nixon +13
SurveyUSA09/23 - 09/24705 LV5437Nixon +17
Research 200009/22 - 09/24800 LV5142Nixon +9
Research 200009/15 - 09/18800 LV5043Nixon +7
Rasmussen09/11 - 09/11700 LV5439Nixon +15
PPP (D)08/13 - 08/17750 LV4842Nixon +6
Rasmussen08/07 - 08/07700 LV5342Nixon +11
Research 200007/07 - 07/10800 LV5235Nixon +17
Rasmussen07/07 - 07/07500 LV4938Nixon +11
PPP (D)07/02 - 07/05723 LV4737Nixon +10
Rasmussen06/03 - 06/03500 LV5434Nixon +20
Rasmussen05/06 - 05/06500 LV5434Nixon +20
Rasmussen03/24 - 03/24500 LV4837Nixon +11
Rasmussen02/11 - 02/11500 LV4830Nixon +18

Monday, October 20, 2008

Poltical News - John Combest Links

Monday, October 20
Hotline On Call
Hotline Blogometer
KMOX: John McCain courts St. Charles today
P-D: McCain, Cheney and Bill Clinton are here today
PubDef: McCain, Cheney and Clinton in town
KC Star: John McCain to speak in Belton today
Columbia Missourian: McCain stop in Columbia still unconfirmed
St. Joseph News-Press: Jill Biden rallies Dem volunteers in St. Joseph
KC Star: Jill Biden underlines push to paint Missouri blue
SE Missourian: Economy, war will turn voters to Obama, Biden's wife says
P-D Political Fix: Singer Carole King, former Congressman Tim Roemer to campaign in Mo. for Obama
Walsh: The courting continues as Missouri welcomes politicians galore ... and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer
KY3 Political Notebook: List of today's campaign events
KOMU: Candidates stress Missouri's importance
KRCG: Politicians battle for Show-Me State
P-D Political Fix: McCaskill, Roy Blunt go toe-to-toe on CNN
KY3 Political Notebook: McCaskill and Roy Blunt face off on CNN
SNL Politics Blog: Blunt, McCaskill debate patriotism on CNN
SNL Politics Blog: Roy Blunt: Obama ducking his 'spread the wealth' comments
KOLR10: McCaskill responds to McCain's robo-calls
KY3 Political Notebook: Matt Blunt on Face the Nation
KSPR: Matt Blunt downplays Obama in Mo.
UPI: Governor calls Palin 'perfect' candidate
Missourinet: More concerns expressed over voter fraud amid allegations and investigations
P-D Political Fix: Open thread
KY3 Political Notebook: Catanese, Livengood discuss Hulshof-Nixon race
The Turner Report: Nixon money machine keeps rolling; Dem Governors contribute quarter of a million MRP contributes $123K in-kind to Hulshof for unnamed expenses
KOMU: Economy top issue in Missouri governor's race
SNL: Candidates for governor to debate
Lebanon Daily Record: Hulshof, Charlie Kruse to make stop
KC Star: On lighter matters, Missouri gubernatorial candidates find some common ground
Truman Index: MOHELA funding not guaranteed
Missourinet: Profile of Robin Carnahan
Joplin Globe: Overview of downballot races
CDT: School groups cool to Prop A
CDT Class Notes Blog: Prop A: A gaming issue
Times Newspapers: Eliminating casino loss limit could spell gains for public schools
FiredUp Missouri: Roy Temple's father passes
CDT: Baker vs. Luetkemeyer
Richmond Daily News: Local campaigns taking notes from national races: Bob Nance vs. Barbara Lanning
St. Joseph News-Press: New issues heat up Schaaf, Sheehan race
Webster-Kirkwood Times: Deb Lavender challenging Rick Stream for Kirkwood/Des Peres House seat
St. Joseph News-Press: Wyse, Lair battle for 7th District seat
Columbia Missourian: State unemployment trust funds drying up
Missourinet: Rebuilding the interstates
Columbia Missourian: Boone County public defenders refuse cases
Columbia Missourian: Timeline of events for the Missouri public defender system
AP: Collapse of Taum Sauk reservoir leads to new look
Columbia Missourian: AmerenUE applies to raise rates to cover filing fee for local plant
Missourinet: Missourians warned to prepare for high heating bills
SE Missourian: Missouri motorists urged to use caution on roadways during deer season
KRCG: Governor's mansion scary Halloween transformation
P-D endorsements: Sam Page, Chris Koster, Robin Carnahan, Clint Zweifel
St. Joseph News-Press endorsements: Peter Kinder, Mike Gibbons, Robin Carnahan, Brad Lager
KC Star endorsement: No on Amendment 1, Yes on Amendment 4
Washington Missourian endorsement: No on Proposition B
SNL endorsement: Shane Schoeller for state representative
SNL endorsement: Charlie Norr for state representative
Washington Missourian editorial: Gov. Blunt, other attend Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame
KC Star letters: Prop C, Prop A, Barnes vs. Graves

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missouri Governor's Race - Jay Nixon Vs. Kenny Hulshof

The second of four debates will be hosted tomorrow.October 9, at 11 a.m.

on KCUR 89.3 in Kansas City.
Cape Girardeau - KRCU 90.9 FM
Chillicothe - KRNW 88.9 FM
Farmington - KSEF 88.9 FM
Lebanon - KMST 96.3 FM
Maryville - KXCV 90.5 FM
Rolla - KMST 88.5 FM
Springfield - KSMU 91.1 FM
St. Louis - KWMU 90.7 FM

If you can't catch it on the radio, you can listen online!