Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks For Being a Christian Hypocrite - Day 12 of 40 with Kansas City Homeless

A couple on their way to an art museum handed me over $100 today.

This is the most money I've had in 7 days and the main reason was that they couldn't find a church that was about Jesus - you know - really loving you're neighbor.

The Church today seems more interested more in politics than taking care of the people around us. Since you're such hypocrites - they kicked down cash - I didn't even have to use God's name in vain to get it.

Thank God and Thank you for being a hypocrite!

One of the people I congregate with was held at gunpoint in the park. The Kansas City Newspaper "The Call" reports August was the bloodiest month of the year for KC with 21 reported homicides.
25 LBS of Organic Produce handed out to homeless today.
Need Laptop - call 800-520-0852 if you have one to donate!

God Bless

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