Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 11 of 40 with Kansas City's Homeless

I'm often too tired to write and speak about my experience.

Poor people are more apt to rely on faith than the wealthy - having to truly pray each day for daily bread.

Disease is rampant on the street, as a result, I've developed a new trend - the elbow bump. It looks cool and I can interact with the homeless in Kansas City in an intimate manner.

Tonight the bars will be packed and I hope to make enough money today to purchase water to sell at night with the help of a homeless couple. Other homeless people that wonder by will be given food and water for free. People walking by can make donations. A case of wather costs $4.65 at at the local grocery store and if half result in a dollar donation the money is more than doubled.

A nutritionalist has given me advice on what type of food these people need and a local grocery store is giving me organic produce which I've been distributing.

God is good.

More to come....

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