Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nikki Baxter is Going to Live an Extroadinary Life - Kansas City

Nikki Baxter - Living an Extraordinary Life

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 20 of 40 With Missouri's Homeless

20 Sleeping Bags arrived yesterday - mummy bags - just like I'd asked. Considering I arrived here with 1 penny in my pocket and 20 days later have had the opportunity to distribute a tool that will save twenty lives this winter - I can view this only as a miracle.

Special thanks to the members of Revolution Church in Kansas City that heard the cry and considered the needs of the poor. Blessings.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 18 of 40 With Missouri's Homeless

We see them in the Urban Centers but they're just a face to us. On the Kansas City Photoblog I've been posting pictures of the Homeless I've met in the city.

They know me by name and I know them. It's been an interesting and fulfilling experience I haven't had a chance to write much about.

Everyday I'm working hard, talking to people on the street and providing practical help. I have consistent food sources now and make a daily path of handing out nutritious food that I know the homeless will eat.

I've spent long hours in meditation and prayer and am living more pure with better nutrition than I ever have before. Today I feel grateful for this experience and a sense of peace knowing I'm a survivor and blessed enough to be able to help others.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 15 of 40

I've been lucky to have indoor shelter during the many nights of rain over the last week.

I've created a Kansas City Photoblog

Kansas City

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 14 of 40 with Missouri's Homeless

It was a tough weekend. Rain makes sleeping difficult and disease a threat.

The park I'm staying in has three distict camps which I've been navigating. Alcohol seems the only common denominator.

Some days, I wonder if I'll live through this.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thanks For Being a Christian Hypocrite - Day 12 of 40 with Kansas City Homeless

A couple on their way to an art museum handed me over $100 today.

This is the most money I've had in 7 days and the main reason was that they couldn't find a church that was about Jesus - you know - really loving you're neighbor.

The Church today seems more interested more in politics than taking care of the people around us. Since you're such hypocrites - they kicked down cash - I didn't even have to use God's name in vain to get it.

Thank God and Thank you for being a hypocrite!

One of the people I congregate with was held at gunpoint in the park. The Kansas City Newspaper "The Call" reports August was the bloodiest month of the year for KC with 21 reported homicides.
25 LBS of Organic Produce handed out to homeless today.
Need Laptop - call 800-520-0852 if you have one to donate!

God Bless

Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 11 of 40 with Kansas City's Homeless

I'm often too tired to write and speak about my experience.

Poor people are more apt to rely on faith than the wealthy - having to truly pray each day for daily bread.

Disease is rampant on the street, as a result, I've developed a new trend - the elbow bump. It looks cool and I can interact with the homeless in Kansas City in an intimate manner.

Tonight the bars will be packed and I hope to make enough money today to purchase water to sell at night with the help of a homeless couple. Other homeless people that wonder by will be given food and water for free. People walking by can make donations. A case of wather costs $4.65 at at the local grocery store and if half result in a dollar donation the money is more than doubled.

A nutritionalist has given me advice on what type of food these people need and a local grocery store is giving me organic produce which I've been distributing.

God is good.

More to come....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missouri Governor's Campaign Finance Report - KC Star

Big money is back -- Hulshof, Nixon take in six-figure sums as contribution limits end
UPDATED, 4:14 p.m.

The big money is back in Missouri politics.

Within the first three days of the demise of limits on campaign contributions, Republican Kenny Hulshof and Democrat Jay Nixon took in at least a combined $1.62 million for their campaigns for governor.

Hulshof, who spent most of his funds winning a hard-fought Republican primary, made up ground by taking in $1,209,006 from Aug. 28 to 30. Nearly half his take -- $600,000 – came from the Republican Governors Association.

Hulshof also received $100,000 each from Jerry Hall, co-founder of banking software company Jack Henry & Associates, and Howard Wood, a Bonne Terre cable television magnet and cattle rancher who is active in nature conservation causes.

Nixon took in $411,650 in the same three days, including $100,000 from the St. Louis law firm of Gray Ritter & Graham and $75,000 from the Hershewe Law Firm in Joplin.

The gigantic sums swamp the old contribution limit of $1,350 from individuals, corporations, unions and all political fundraising committees not associated with a political party. Even contributions from political party committees were limited to about 10 times that amount.

Those limits disappeared last Thursday, when a new law took effect that ended all limits on campaign contributions. The new law, however, requires candidates to disclose any contribution of $5,000 or more to the Missouri Ethics Commission within 48 hours after receiving the donation.

By Tuesday, Nixon had filed four reports showing 20 contributions averaging $20,583 each.

Hulshof had filed two reports listing 25 contributions averaging $48,360 each. Even without counting the Republican Governors Association’s contribution, Hulshof still pulled in nearly 50 percent more than Nixon and his average contribution was $25,375, or 23 percent larger.

George Connor, a political scientist at Missouri State University, said the early returns from Missouri’s new era of limitless political donations do not portend a big fund-raising advantage for the GOP.

Republicans historically held an advantage in fundraising among big-ticket donors and they continue to have more such donors in Missouri, Connor said. But Democrats have made great strides in cultivating those donors, as evidenced by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, he said.

“Democrats are now more focused on all aspects of fundraising that they used to be,” Connor said. “They have improved to the point that they have almost caught up with the Republicans and nearly overcome the advantage that Republicans traditionally held.”

Hulshof also took in $50,000 from Bill Holekamp of Holekamp Capital in St. Louis, and $50,000 from the St. Charles-based Lewis & Clark Leadership Fund, which raises money from conservative business groups and funnels it to Republican organizations.

Other contributors included Kansas City Southern’s political arm, $25,000; Rudolph Farber of Community Bank & Turst in Neosho, $25,000; and Schnuck’s Markets of St. Louis, $25,000.

Nixon’s large contributors included mortgage banker James Nutter Sr. of Kansas City, $25,000; Frontenac lawyer Robert Blitz, $25,000; investor Jeffrey Fort of Las Vegas, $25,000; and Richard Miller of Miller’s Professional Imaging in Pittsburg. Kan., $25,000

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

People that Fed Me Day 9 of 40

Whole Foods


Rob "The Homeless wonderer"

Revolution Church

Homeless in Kansas City Night 9 of 40

This is a very hard journey.

Being homeless isn't easy. The way I'm doing it is a lot of work.

186 lbs of food distributed

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kansas City Fountian - Frog spiting on little boys weewee - Plaza District (in front of Starbucks

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40 Days and 40 Nights with Missouri's Homeless - Day 7

Labor day.

10 minutes ago I invited Sam Page to debate me in a city park with a jury of the homeless. Page is currently running for Missouri Lt. Governor on a Democratic ticket.

During Closed Door Negotiations
Sam Page promised not to hurt Branson Missouri residents for the hideous behavior of Branson based lobbyists.

Page is a Medical Doctor who doesn't always side with the Medical Association.

Developing ...............