Springfield Missouri – most exciting Skate Park in the Midwest

I’m lucky because Springfield MO has a great skate park.
(see official website at http://www.parkboard.org/2650/Springfield-Skate-Park)

Easily the best skate park in the Midwest!

Featuring 13,500-square-foot indoor parks with Finland Birch ramps, and 25,000-sure-foot outdoor concrete park, with rip pin’ bowl, flow course and street plaza. Safe environment for young kids and great for spectators.


They allow for all kind of wheels – skate, bikes, Rollerblade , scooters and longboards.
The park has in an indoor and an outdoor facility.



Looking for a new unbelievable exciting Tiki Longboard

I’m contemplating to buy a new longboard to get around town and the rest of Missouri.

Mainly for cruising and carving and doing a relaxed ride so I can enjoy the nice surroundings.

Decided for my next board to go for a Tiki Longboard design as the TIKI is the first man and has a humanoid form.
Reminds me of the pacific and I just like the designs I see.



For a while thought I would make my own just like ivan in this video but I’m just not that handy.
Wouldn’t be that cool and nice, my hands are not as steady as his and he seems like a real artist.


So I’m going to settle for buying my tiki longboard and found a couple that jump out.

These are 2 great longboards and like SOME feedback.


This is bamboo so flexible and seems great for me. its a bit long but I like the design.



This drop through is more like the one ivan painted and the collors are so rad.
Think this will give me a gigantic rad board to accompany me on my amazing rides.

What do you think?